Upper East Side bar allegedly bans single women


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Nello, a swanky upper-east side Italian spot has invited outrage after it allegedly banned single women from sitting at its bar.

Clementine Crawford, a traveling professional was told she cannot be alone at the bar, according to Page Six. The outraged woman then wrote an essay about her experience, titled, “The Night I was Mistaken for a Call Girl.”

Crawford is a regular at Nello. She travels often between London and New York and goes to the same restaurant every time to wine and dine at their bar. This time, she was told she couldn’t eat at the bar but when a man was seated and allowed to do exactly that, things didn’t add up. So, after further inquiry she discovered that the owner was seemingly cracking down on prostitutes.

Crawford decided to speak up, as a regular who spent a lot of money at this place she didn’t deserve to be treated this way. Crawford says that the owner responded with “….he could run his business as he pleased and that I was no longer welcome to eat at the bar, only at a table,” said Crawford in her essay.

There has been a lot of press since the incident. Here’s hoping Nello and their ridiculous, sexist and discriminatory policies aren’t having a good time. No place that treats anyone like this deserves any business.

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