New Yorkers spend the most on booze: Study

New Yorkers are a drinking bunch. A study done by found that Big Apple residents spend more money on alcohol in a lifetime than residents of any other major city. A lifetime of New York drinking costs roughly $3,700 more than the second place finisher, Minneapolis.

The study reached this conclusion by using info from City-Data to find the average number of alcoholic drinks purchased per week by residents of each city. This was supplemented by the average life expectancy for each city’s denizens, provided by the CDC, to determine how many drinks a resident would buy in a year. Lastly, that information was combined with the average price of a drink in each city to reach its final determination.

To find the cost of a drink in each city, the study averaged the cost of two drinks bought in a restaurant or bar per week with the price of the rest being consumed at home.

New York’s prices are very high, which contributes to the exorbitant amount of spending. In a city like New Orleans, drinks cost very little, causing it to fall among the lower lifetime spenders.

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in which to drink, New York still sits near the top of the pack when averaging the amount of drinks an individual orders per week, with a mean of 5.1 per person. Notably, the far cheaper New Orleans has an identical rate of drinks ordered weekly.

The study found that New Yorkers could save around $500 per year by decreasing drinking by 25 percent, and extrapolates that to $1000 for a 50 percent decrease and $1500 for 75 percent. This may seem like a negligible amount to inhabitants of a city whose rent prices soar above the nation’s average, but it does provide a useful tool for those looking to budget better or incentivize abating alcohol consumption.

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