Cold Beer Summer: 3 beer cocktails to accompany the end of summer days

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Sugar Rush 🎡

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Cue the Donna Summer track because baby, it’s SUMMERTIME! Well, end of summertime, but there truly is no end in sight for the few, the proud, True Believers. With plenty of time left for beach hangs, BBQs in the park, and other BYOB festivities, beer is the answer, and we at Barchive know it. So here are three beer cocktail recipes you can enjoy as you blaze through these remaining summer holy days.


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🌞 🍊New Beer🍊🌞 . . . . It’s Sunday on a Friday! How is that possible you might ask? It’s because of our new beer release “Sunday Morning”. This beer-mosa/orange juice shandy is extremely delicious. . We start with a 6% Berliner Weisse which is a German style sour wheat beer. We then blended it down to a crushable 3% by adding orange juice😱. We also gave it a generous amount of carbonation to give it that bottomless “Sunday Morning” brunch feel. . This is a Limited Release batch, only 4 kegs available. Draft pours only NO FILLS. . We will also be joined my @triplethreattrk tonight so come hungry and ready to get your “Sunday Morning” going right on this beautiful Friday. . Open today 12p-12a . #HamiltonFamilyBrewery #LovePeopleLoveBeer #RanchoCucamonga #KeepRanchoHoppy #IloveFruitBeer #beermosa #sundaymorning #sundayfunday

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For when it’s 10:30 a.m. on a Thursday and you’re thinking “Eh, it’s too early to get ripped…but I’d still like some alcohol, please.”

⅓ OJ (Don’t forget the orange slice garnish for extra razzle and the perfect amount of dazzle.)
⅔ Beer: Ideally, you’ll want to use a Belgian-style wheat beer. Recommendations: Blue Moon and Shock Top work great!

Note: OJ not your thing? Explore with other types of juices like lemonade and grapefruit, and you’ll have a refreshing Shandy on your hands.

It wasn’t until I started working at Catfish (Crown Heights) that I was introduced to the concept of a Beermosa. One of the owners, too hungover/lazy to open up a new bottle of Prosecco, walked over to the draft line, filled up my mason jar, and slid the refreshing, yet simple, drink over my way. I’ve been a changed woman ever since.


For literally any time, any place: the beach, BBQs, beer gardens, etc.
You can usually find it available at bars, too! A drink that demands respect, it’s luxurious in that it’s lighter than a bloody mary, and makes for a good sipper that refuses to be chugged.

⅗ Beer: A Mexican beer is ideal here: Sol, Tecate, Pacifico, and Corona are all winners, and pretty easy to come across in every borough.
⅕ Tomato/Clamato Juice: A light hand when pouring is crucial. Too much juice, and you’ll drown the whole drink.
⅕ GET SAUCY: Hot sauce, teriyaki, Worcestershire, soy; all great flavors you can play around with to enhance your Michelada drinking experience. But tread lightly, for once you add, you cannot subtract.

Finishing touches: A light squeeze of lime juice & a cajun spice rim.
Note: If spice/hot sauce isn’t your thing, simply adding lime juice alone to your beer will make it a Chelada.

I will always and forever preach the good word of a Michelada. Especially to that one bartender in Michigan who didn’t know how to make one, now he’ll never forget!
If you’re ever in Brooklyn with a hankering to spice up your day, I highly recommend the Micheladas at El Patron (Prospect Lefferts), Chilo’s (Bed-Stuy), and Chavela’s (Crown Heights).

High Shirley

Some call it trash, and I call it a forgotten treasure.
It’s basically a beer-based Shirley Temple.
There is no perfect time for this drink, but here we are.

1 Miller High Life: That’s what makes Shirley so HIGH!
1 Shot of Grenadine: Adding one or two maraschino cherries also never hurt anybody.

It makes absolutely no sense why this tastes so wrong, and yet so right.
But I’ll stand by this drink until the end of time. Plus it’s sweet!