Abe’s Pagoda Bar opens in Bushwick

A new bar, inspired by Chevy Chase’s character’s basement bar in Caddyshack, has opened in Bushwick.

Dubbed Abe’s Pagoda Bar, the space features eclectic decor ranging from red lanterns to framed artwork as well as a jukebox, photobooth and two pool tables.

“His basement bar, his house bar, literally that’s all we talked about for a long time,” Greg Curley, co-owner of Abe’s Pagoda, told Bkylner.
We would find something on eBay or wherever and be like ‘this is totally his bar, right? Yeah!’ We saw it as this eccentric guy who had a storied life, who traveled in Southeast Asia and all around the world and came home with all of these relics,”

It took the owners about 4 years to conceptualize and finally open the bar for business. Co-owners Greg Curley, of The Double Windsor and the Cake Shop, Bill Martel, and Matt Stevenson signed the lease on the space at the end of 2014 and faced a few battles on the way. Despite the hardships, the bar is up and running and ready to cater for any night out.