These all-natural, organic cocktails are powered by…plant energy

It’s like an organic Four Loko. Craig Tabandera, lead mixologist at Feroce, concocted the following recipes with a special ingredient: Kafina Energy, an all-natural, organic elixir with “plant energy.”

The “elixir” gained a cult following in Vermont for its “mood-boosting effects” when it was first created in co-founder Heather Beach’s kitchen after a shamanic journey in 2012 — you read that right. Kafina is comprised of pure herbal ingredients and fair trade coffee and it’s pretty unique stuff, so why not make it even better with booze?

Kafina Darkly (aka a Kafina take on Dark and Stormy)

1.0oz Kafina

1.0oz Kraken Dark Spiced Rum

4 Drops Bittermens Xocalatl Mole Bitters

.25oz Fresh Lime Juice

2.0oz Ginger Beer (Fever Tree)

.25oz Fresh LIme Juice

Dry mix first 3 ingredients in a shaker cup. Fill 12 oz highball with ginger beer and lime juice over ice. Pour shaker cup ingredients over the top, layering with bar spoon. Garnish with an orange wheel or ginger slice.

Kafina Classic (a Kafina take on an Old Fashioned)

1.0oz Kafina

1.75oz Bulleit Rye Whisky

1.0oz Squeeze Demarara Cordial

3 Dash Orange Bitters

3 Dash Aromatic Bitters – Agnostura or Bittermens Tiki

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir vigorously. Strain into 5oz Nick & Nora Glass. Garnish with a cherry or orange slice.