Jägermeister announces upcoming Cold Brew Coffee

Photo via Jägermeister

You read that headline correctly.

Earlier this week, Jägermeister announced their latest addition to the Jäger brand: Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee. While I was personally unaware that there were different variations of my least favorite alcohol consumed in college (aka the culprit of my first drunken blackout), according to Director of Innovation at Mast-Jägermeister US Jack Carson, combining Jäger with coffee has “been a fan-favorite” within the brand for years.

Marketed with the tagline “taste of the unexpected,” the new product is a combination of the brand’s classic 56 herbal liqueur, combined with roasted Arabica coffee and cacao for a smooth, chocolate finish.

You know, for those of us that need more of a kick in the pants with our daily caffeine fix.

Ideally consumed in the evening for an energy-boost (RIP Jägerbombs), the Cold Brew Coffee is said to contain a 33% ABV, but with only 10% of the caffeine you would get from an average cup of coffee. Intended to be served as a shot, the COLD in Cold Brew comes into play as it’s meant to be served at -18 degrees Celsius/ 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set to hit shelves in the US and UK in January 2020, it’s currently recommended price tag is $24.99 for 750ml bottles and $32.99 for 1 Liter.

To no surprise, Jägermeister already had a recipe on their official website for a Cold Brew Shot, which I can’t fathom is too far off from what we’re to expect from the upcoming liqueur.

Note: I did nothing to alter this recipe NOR the original text from their website. Somewhere out in the universe, a Chad or some frat dude nicknamed Beaver definitely came up with this, still drunk, during their 9 am American Lit lecture.

Jägermeister Cold Brew Shot
Description: “Kick into gear. This sublime fusion of two dark, powerful shots will boost your nocturnal activities.”

1cL Jägermeister
1cL Cold Brew Coffee
Ground Coffee
Espresso Cup
Optional: NCO2 (what the fuck)

Step 1: “Prepare your cold brew coffee. Infuse 1l of water with 125g of ground coffee beans, cool it for 10-16 hours and filter it like your drunk mail.”
Step 2: “Pour one part Jägermeister and one part cold brew coffee into a shaker. If a siphon is available, load with one bullet of nitrogen.” (again, what the fuck)
Step 3: “Give it a proper shake.”
Step 4: “Squeeze it gently into a transparent espresso cup (just so you can admire it).”
Step 5: “Sprinkle some ground coffee over it to top off your perfect creation.”
Step 6: “Get ready to party all night long.”

Good luck on that course, Beavs! Academic probation is a real buzzkill!