Cheers to Four Cocktails Great For NYFW

Photo via The Same Paige

Most New Yorkers are well-aware of the fact that New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is coming up on September 4th. And with all that fabulous ~je ne sais quoi~ in the air, you may be feeling inspired to show off your best Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, or Charlotte. So, if that’s the case, slip on your fave pair of boots, put some red lipstick on, and let’s try a few of the Big Apple’s best fashion-appropriate cocktails.

Photo via The Same Paige

Inspired by 2019’s Brown Leather look, Cleo’s Espresso Martini blends rich coffee with a little spice. Bottom line: it’s bound to keep you up and at ‘em for this busy work week. To make a reservation, send an email to:

444 Park Avenue South

Woodpecker by David Burke

Royal purple has dominated the streets and the runway this year, so definitely stop by Woodpecker for a Purple Raven. It blends gin and elderflower with butterfly pea flower and yuzu, keeping you refreshed and buzzed all at once. If you’d like to make a reservation, send an email to:

30 W 30th St

Photo via The Same Paige

Trademark Taste + Grind

Bold Monochrome is definitely a statement this year, which is why Trademark Taste + Grind has made the list. Its Hibisco Disco’s bold color blends flavors of cherry, lime, and orange with smokey Mezcal. Email for a reservation

38th West 36th Street

Photo Via The Same Paige

Refinery Rooftop
Silk is always a look, which is why the Cherry Blossom G+T at Refinery Rooftop made the list. It incorporates hints of cherry blossom into a classic gin and tonic, which is mixed with pink peppercorn and lemon. Make a reservation by emailing:

63 West 38th St

So get ready to strut your stuff with these fancy AF drinks this week… you totally deserve it.