‘Tallboy’ is Now in the Merriam Webster Dictionary

If you’ve ever felt ashamed of your giant can of beer that gets warmer the longer you hold it in your hand because for some reason you can’t fathom drinking the same amount of beer in smaller containers, hey! it’s time to celebrate. Eater reports that Merriaam Webster has decreed that ‘Tallboy’ is officially part of the dictionary’s online database.

The official definition is “a tall cylindrical can for beverages (such as beer) usually measuring 16 fluid ounces.” The tallboy’s cultural ubiquity seems to be the impetus for its inclusion by the dictionary. Eater paraphrases the dictionary’s senior editor in saying “its addition now is because the word only started appearing in mainstream, non-industry media somewhat recently.” Tell that to your local bodega owner.

So, warm beer lovers rejoice, for your revolution has been legitimized. We at Barchive will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re only tallboy-ing it for environmental reasons.