Your weekend cocktail: The ritzy Pornstar Martini

The Porn Star Martini has been with us since its debut in London’s Soho in 2005. It quickly became the girlie drink du jour of the aughts. Today, in the post-craft cocktail era, New Yorkers might feel a tad self-conscious about ordering a drink with such a slutty name but they’d be wrong to poo-poo the wonderful reinvented version of this drink.

Take it from us: head to the new Times Square Edition on 47th Street, go to the lobby bar and ask for “their” version of this classic cheesy cocktail. It was remixed by Salvatore Tafuri, who directs the hotel’s bar program, and it’s a big improvement.

But if you can’t make it to the Edition, we’ve got directions below, courtesy of New York Post.

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2 oz Vodka ( Grey Goose )
1 oz Passion Fruit Puree ( Boiron )
0.75 oz Lime juice

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake for 15 seconds and strain into a martini glass. Top with Champagne vanilla foam

Garnish : Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

Champagne Foam: combine champagne, vanilla syrup into a siphon canister and charge 2 times.