More bars are serving “Angel Shots” to help their customers feel safe

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Angel Shots have popped up on social media from time to time over the past couple of years. The latest spot seems to be in central Ohio where a number of bars offer the safety service to patrons, according to the Columbus Dispatch. The concept is simple: any bar patrons who feel uncomfortable or threatened by someone they’re with, say a first date, can ask the bartender for an “angel shot”, code for “get me out of here!” The bartender will then escort the patron to his or her car or call a car service. Some variations even include an option for the bartender to call the police.

It’s a good idea and a great service for women and men to feel more secure in this era of swipe dating. It’s tough to say whether the program is effective, however, since there aren’t any numbers collected on how many angle shots were “served” in the US. A quick search of Reddit (where everything is absolutely 100% true) shows a number of posts regarding the secret code word, mostly images of posters in bars advertising the service. However, only one of those threads has a bartender saying he walked someone to a taxi stand when she “asked for Angela” a UK variation. The rest of the threads devolve, predictably, into arguments over whether men can be abused in relationships. (Don’t bother reading them — they’re not pretty.)

Of course counting replies on reddit is completely unscientific. And, ultimately, who cares if it’s not being used all the time? You wouldn’t chuck out an AED just because Fred in accounting hasn’t had a coronary yet. This is a great way to ensure patron safety without escalating situations and it doesn’t cost a dime. Could it catch on here in New York? We hope so! Everyone has the right to get sloshed in our fair city without being creeped out or threatened.