About Us

Barchive is dedicated to documenting the ever-evolving bar scene in New York and beyond. With reviews, exclusive interviews with mixologists, and consumer guides to finding the latest and greatest bars, Barchive is your home for the most up-to-date insider news and info on drinking well. Cheers!


Junaid Zahid is the founder and publisher of Barchive. He launched the consumer driven bar review and news site in 2017 after identifying a need for dedicated bar coverage in NYC and beyond. Zahid previously worked as associate publisher of LLNYC, a luxury lifestyle magazine covering wealth in Manhattan.

Christopher Cameron is the Editor-in-Chief of Barchive. He has written for The Real Deal, Observer, Avenue, LLNYC and the New York Post covering real estate, travel, wealth, fine dining and spirits. His favorite bar is Billymark’s West.

Hope Morawa is a Brooklyn-based host, performer, writer, and social media manager. Her writing has appeared in Brokelyn, Metro US, and the Skint, and you can usually find her bar hopping and hosting trivia around Crown Heights/PLG area. A girl who likes to keep things spicy, her favorite alcoholic beverages are Micheladas and anything jalapeño-infused.

Jazmin is a Brooklyn native art, design, travel and journalism enthusiast. When she’s not writing for Brooklyn based sites such as Brokelyn, she’s somewhere on a film or TV set dealing with art department work. Also a bar and drink enthusiast, she has worked at many bars and restaurants across New York. Lover of the browner spirits, whiskey or any rum is on the top of her list.